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Query on Egg grading...

R de NR de N Junior Member
edited February 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
Good evening Folks, Trust that I'm in the correct thread ( ? )

I'm currently living down on the South Coast, purchasing my eggs from local long established butcher of very high repute...

Noted recently that eggs purchased by my Wife, stated to be ' Barn eggs '
are stamped ' 3UK ' - this I understand as being ' Caged birds ' not
' Barn grading ' .

The cartons are labelled ' 6 Eggs - Grade A '

I've searched through Google for egg grading - cannot find any clear
grading tables.

Would appreciate any comments,

Thank you,

R de N :confused:


  • SharonWarrenSharonWarren Junior Member
    edited January 2008
    This is one of the sites I used to learn about this -
    which you can copy and paste into your browser and look at.
    It explains grade AA, A and B quite well and has drawings to make it very clear what they are talking about. Sharon
  • R de NR de N Junior Member
    edited February 2008
    Dear Sharon,
    my extreme apologies for not answering your kind reply sooner -
    actually I had given up looking at this site for the required information...

    Tonight, I was in the process of clearing clutter from my computer but decided to have a final look before erasing this site.

    However, I had a final, final look and I must say that I'm pleased that I did...

    It would have been remiss of me to have missed your reply, the Only one, for which I thank you.

    The linked site was interesting and helpful, as you suggested it would be.

    However, the grading scale I was looking for was the current European scale:


    Full information of production method is coded and stamped onto every egg, giving information tracing back to the producer....

    0 - Organic, 1 - Free range,
    2 - Barn eggs, 3 - Caged birds

    Here in the UK we have a growing number of folk objecting to the
    practice of Caged birds...

    I trust this may be of some interest to you,

    Thank you, James :)
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