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Very rare Sicilian Buttercup Pullets for sale Notts

son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
edited May 2012 in Market Place
Breed [/b]Sicilian Buttercup
Quantity 5
Age 8- 4 weeks
Price £20. each
I have a trio of Sicilian Buttercups whose fertility has been fabulous, these 5 pullets are from this trio. A really pretty bird of mediterranean type and oh so very rare. I believe them to be large fowl version of the breed, but the British standards book dosen't mention size, only the Amercian web sites mention L/F and Bantam. These pullets are very well socialised with other birds and very accustomed to handling.

Buttercups are a very easy to care for breed, being very hardy and eating so little that I used to worry the parent birds wern't eating!!

Buttercups have a lovely personality type and are such characters.
Now for pics:
Pullets -

Parent birds: -

For more breed info, try these sites -


  • Patti HeavisidePatti Heaviside Junior Member
    edited May 2012
    I would like to buy your trio of Scicilian Buttercups. I used to keep them a few years ago. If you give me your address I could post a cheque, otherwise do you have PayPal? Only problem is that we live in the highlands, near Skye!! I am sure we can work out a way of getting them up here but it may take a while so if they are still for sale would you be willing to keep hold of them once you receive my cheque or PayPal payment until I can work out how to get them here? Patti. You can text me any time on: 07751120381. We live on a farm, near Plockton, 10 minutes from the bridge to the Isle of Skye.
  • DAVE CCDAVE CC Junior Member
    edited May 2012
    Good Evening
    I am very intrested in the Sicillian Buttercups,if they are still for sale Could you please contact me.

    Regards Dave
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