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unwanted private messages

pottymoopottymoo Senior Member
edited April 2012 in "Off Your Chest"
hello, just wondered if anyone has had any unwanted private messages. Jut had one but deleted as it was in a language I didn't understand. I can't remember the poster but they had only posted that to me no other posts that I am aware of. it said it was a read request or something. Do these people have nothing better to do. moo


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited April 2012
    No I haven't Moo - I guess you must just be lucky;) I have noticed a lot of spam still on here though:confused:
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited April 2012
    i got one just now off SOMM just as you described.......i forwarded mine to Administrator for them to deal with it as they are crafty enough not to do posts and get spotted
  • pottymoopottymoo Senior Member
    edited April 2012
    that's them, what do they get out of it I wouldn't mind I couldn't even read it moo x
  • DaisyMay7DaisyMay7 Member
    edited April 2012
    HI ALL,
    THEY are a right pain spammer's, anybody sending unkind/ unhelpful PM's.
    I think they do it, to get a reaction and then continue. I found from being a member on other forums. So much advertising about as well.
    Hopefully can be stopped from doing it.
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