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Lincolnshire Buff Cockerels Free to Good Homes - Louth area

Hen PeckedHen Pecked Senior Member
edited February 2012 in Market Place
My boys are not getting on as well as they were and are now bickering.
They are from an early hatch last year (Feb 2011).
1 is mainly paler colours and the other 2 are dark. Beuatiful boys and friendly with humans (& each other usually). They have calmed down now and seem to have sorted out their hierarchy, one of the paler boys has a new home but I I would still like to re-home at least two of them.
Must go to Good, permanent and free range homes.
I can send photographs if interested.


  • Hen PeckedHen Pecked Senior Member
    edited February 2012
    If anyone is interested, please contact me as they really do need more room and they are getting the Spring Fever!!!
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