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L/F Orp pullet FOC to good home

AnnschooksAnnschooks Member
edited January 2012 in Market Place
]I have a young very pretty splash orp pullet whos been through a bad time of things, firstly injuring her leg causing her to limp slighty and then having her back pecked raw by two pullets she was in with. Her back is almost healed up now but she will always I believe have a bit of a limp, though she's nimble enough on her feet when you try and catch her.
Needless to say she's a nervous around bigger older birds and needs a protected and gentle introduction to a new flock, which should be a small number and if smaller than her so much the better. She will also need a lot of extra handling to get her accustomed to new people as so far she's never experienced any other life than living in my poultry field. She is small for a L/F orp and won't make full size now.

If you feel that you can meet her needs please get in touch.
Now spoken for.


  • fluffy chicksfluffy chicks Junior Member
    edited January 2012
    Hi Annschooks,

    Just read your post about a new home for your chick. Where do you live as i would love to have her? I only have 4 Bantams ranging from 16 - 22 weeks.(see my post about them a couple of days ago, it givers their details).
    She sounds as if she could do with a lot of cuddles and spoiling, which she can have with me in abundance. I hope you live close to North Cornwall, but if not i wish you and your chick all the best for finding a home that suits her.
  • fluffy chicksfluffy chicks Junior Member
    edited January 2012
    Just re-read your post and realised that you have found a home for your chick. Glad it is sorted, but sorry i did not join the site as soon as i got my babies in October. It is lovely to know there is so much help, care and understanding out there.
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