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Crusty Eyes

silkiemamasilkiemama Junior Member
edited December 2007 in "Off Your Chest"
I have some chicks that are 5 1/2 months old and I have noticed that a couple of them have one eye that is crusty. I live in Florida, so it is not that cold outside but I was just wondering what I need to do to help my little silkies. It looks like a yellow crust that has the eye shut. Help!


  • 6BuffRocks6BuffRocks Senior Member
    edited November 2007
    Hi Silkimama.. I too have just acquired 6 buffs and one had a crusty eye. In my case I think the chick had respiratory problems, as advised her on this site. I am certainly no expert and calling on my happy childhood memories of my garandparents farm in Wales, UK 15,000 pullets - all free range I have tried a couple of self help methods.

    Wrap something around the chick, like an old towel to stop the struggle. Have ready, a bowl of warm water, and some cotton wool pads and gently bathe the eye from left to right (not up or down), use a clean pad after a couple of wipes, 6 should be enough.
    I did this about every couple of days, about three times. Her eye is fine now and she is making steady progress.
    I think the crusting is a result of internal issues.. but again, I do not know how to advise you on this. Put up another posting, there are some really helpful senior members who know thier stuff!
    Take care, Wendy
  • sammisammi Senior Member
    edited December 2007
    wondering how your birds are?
    this could be conjunctivitis . and can be treated with eye drops from a vet if you are in UK.

    for questions about sick poultry, post in the Health and Welfare forum.
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