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Needy chooks

WooktonWookton Junior Member
edited November 2007 in "Off Your Chest"
I have recently become the proud owner of 4 black Malay hens, all 4 of them have veracious appetites and have scratched up my lawn, flowerbeds, vegetable plot and compost heap in there search for tasty morsels.

Everything was fine for the first two weeks but they now seem to only want to be where ever i am?
They have about 200 square meters of garden to roam in but seem to pace up and down the wire fence that keeps them away from the house and are constantly craning there necks to look in the kitchen window. Any time i go near the rear windows of the house they start clucking and furiously pace up and down the wire fence, they seem to forget that there's a garden at all and seem to forget that there food is at the bottom of the garden near the coop.
Whenever i am in the garden with them they act like normal chickens and happily roam around pecking and doing chicken like things!

Is this normal behaviour? and any ideas on how to get them to be less needy :D


  • JesseJesse Senior Member
    edited November 2007
    They seem like a very friendly buch of chickens. Spend lots of time with them so that they are not looking for you. And if they spend most of the time near the one part of the coop try moving the food and water to that part. It seems like enough room, but let them out every day so they can explore. And give them lots of greens like apples and grapes and just all sorts of fruits and veggies, that will keep them ocupied:)
  • WooktonWookton Junior Member
    edited November 2007
    Thanks for the reply Jesse :)
    I was hoping the chickens would free range round the garden and i did not really want to fence them in by there coop.
    The coop is about 40 meters away from the house and is not moveable so theres no chance of bringing it closer to the house. Whenever i go down to the coop the chickens run after me and start gobbling down there food which is kept by the coop, its as if they forget its there? ( they seem to remember to roost in the coop at night with no problem)
    I have moved additional food up by the wire fence at the back of the house just to make sure they don't starve themselves and they regually get titbits from the kitchen.
    It just seems very strange that they pace up and down the fence all day! when i look out the window instead of seeing happy free ranging chooks i seem to see misrable prisoners :(
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