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Pilipino Sexer/Electrcian

sexortotosexortoto Junior Member
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Im Jimmy Inomirable looking for chick vent sexing job' I have 9 yrs sexing employment experience 6 yrs and 6 months here in the philippines from 1990 to 1996 and 30 months sexing employment in fakieh poultry farms GP hatchery in jeddah saudi arabia from 1999 to 2002. some of the poultry hatchery farm company that I formerly served here in the philippines under my servicing agency Jade Poultry Care and Technological Resources are the following : Magnolia Poultry Hatchery Company, vitarich Farm, Console Farm, Robina Farms and RFM Swift Foods Hatchery Farms. including sexing of layer and broiler chicks part of my hatchery job during none hatch day is grading of eggs, chick vaccination disinfecting using smoke, spray chemical and fumigation for bio security. including sexing Im also a certified industrial electrician and mechatronics servicing technician with upgraded in aircondition and refrigeration servicing with basic knowledge in computer operation. as electrical technician I can read, interpret and understand PLC circuit with experience in SCADA control operation and driving experience. you can see my resume posted in Workabroad.com applying as Electrical Technician. you can contact me at mobile # 00639281431019 or my email enumerableg@yahoo.com Im willing to work anytime thank you very much God Bless


  • umairaraza100umairaraza100 Junior Member
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    wow very nice post and thanks for sharing with us in this forum,
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