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Where are my eggs gone!!

Mike FrenchMike French Junior Member
edited November 2007 in "Off Your Chest"
I wormed my four black rock hens about seven weeks ago (these four hens are about sixteen months old) & added two young P.O L. black rocks the same time, I was getting approx 80 eggs per month but since I wormed & added two new hens (seven week ago) the egg count is almost nil, only five eggs this month (16 days) plus one hen as gone broody.
I feed layers pellets plus split maze & oyster shell (small amount spread on the ground about once a week) mixed corn for a treat late afternoons.
There was a pecking order problem to start when I put the new hens in but seems OK now.
Can anyone tell me whats gone wrong (am I doing anything wrong?)

Thanks for reading my "Off Your Chest" Thread, Regards,MIKE


  • NightHawkNightHawk Junior Member
    edited July 2007
    Maybe it's a heat problem? If they're too hot or too cold egg production could slow down. And, at least up here in Idaho, it's been really hot lately. Other than than I can only think of stress, but I don't know why they would all be not laying. I'm sure someone will answer your question better than I soon.

    Your post might get more attention if it were in the Poultry Health and Welfare or Vet section.
  • AidanAngelinaAidanAngelina Junior Member
    edited August 2007
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