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Chicken keeping is so easy!!!!

spodskispodski Senior Member
edited February 2011 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
Yeh right! Yesterday I culled 2 Redcaps that were ill (probably Marek's) and had shown little improvement over last 6 weeks or so. Today my fully grown Welsummer is ill AGAIN!!!! She was listless yesterday. This morning she had no interest in food and hid under rain shelter with head down. I examined her and she had a messy bottom!!!! It was covered in thick white and yellow gunk. I brought her in and washed her bum. I now have her separate with food and water. She is also sounding a bit rattly again, as she was a few weeks ago. She laid a soft shelled egg a few weeks ago and nothing since. Red still looks awful and crop still blocked (can't get it up or down)! And my little maran keeps causing me to worry as she isn't over 5 months and at risk of Maarek's.
I think buying caged bird eggs is an eggsellent idea!!!!:rolleyes:


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