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Stolen Whippets

kelloggskelloggs Senior Member
edited December 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Hope this alright to post this here but a friend of mine (jewel)on another forum has had her dogs stolen and
I really want her to find them soon :(

Jewels post:

My beautiful whippet bitches were stolen on the 14th December, 2010 between 5-8pm whilst we were at our childrens school play !!!
We are absolutely devastated and would really appreciate if anyone could post this on other sites please. They were taken from The Isle of Sheppey in Kent and did not leave willingly

They are a fawn and white particolour bitch, 13 months old and a solid blue with white toes and chest bitch, 6 months old.
Both are microchipped and have been reported as stolen.

I have been out all day getting posters up and have done as much as I can think of online.
I will pay to get my dogs returned so, if anyone has bought them they will be fully reinbursed and i will happily travel anywhere for them, I just want them back.

They are on Doglost.co.uk and posters can be printed straight from there if anyone would be kind enough to print a few off and hand them into local vets or pet shops please.



  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited December 2010
    cant do anything to help- im in wales so doubt if theyd get this far.
    just to say i hope your friend finds them soon,safe and sound.
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