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tylan soluble need some advice

oilybikerchickoilybikerchick Junior Member
edited December 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
my wee favarolle has got an infection and the vet gave us a mixed bottle of tylan that we were to inject into her crop for a week morning and night.our other six chickens dont show signs of it but as a precaution we have to give them the tylan in there water for 28 days.the vet told us after the 28 days we couldnt eat there eggs for a further 28 days.on the bottle of tylan soluble it says that there is a zero day withdrawal for the eggs.hows right the bottle or the vet?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited December 2010
    its a case of your vet watching his own back.- tests havent been done by the bodies that govern vets on how tylan can affect humans through eating eggs so if someone got ill after eating one of the eggs from a chicken treated with tylan then they could sue the vet.
    if the people who make the drug say its safe then it must be.
    if youre in any doubt, boil the eggs and feed them back to the hens- the extra protein, minerals and vitamins in eggs will do them a power of good while they are ill
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