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Something killed our duck

leshurdleshurd Junior Member
edited November 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
I cannot believe I found this forum and posting this but here it goes. We found a just hatched baby duck in our yard and tried to find it a home. My Daughter fell in love with it so we kept it and named him. We found out he was a Mallard and had a deformed wing as he grew so he could not fly. I bought him a really nice pen and we locked him up at night and let him run through our yard during the day. My Dad came over and said the duck was shredded in the yard. Something killed him and I don't know what it was but there were feathers everywhere and my Dad said his neck was ripped off. Luckily, my Daughter wasn't here. She is sleeping at my parents house and I don't know what I'm going to say. I never thought that my whole family and all of our neighbors would become SO attatched to this duck!!! We are all devastated and I want to get another one but I don't feel the duck will be safe. My Mother in-law was over a couple weeks ago babysitting for me and said she saw a coyote. I wonder if that is what happened. How do you keep a duck safe? I did everything I could to take great care of this duck and I can't believe this happened. I didn't think I would be this sad. He followed us everywhere and loved our attention. Any advice for me? Should we try and get another duck? This duck was born wild and I've read that domestic ducks can't fly. Where do people keep their domestic ducks?


  • iloveexbatsiloveexbats Senior Member
    edited December 2009
    Hi there,

    I am so sorry to hear about your duck. She sounded beautiful. My cousin has a pet duck which she hatched from an egg and it follows her around as though she is her mother. The whole family adore this duck and so I can imagine how sad you are. We have had terrible trouble with foxes taking our hens and the only way we have found that really works is to put them within an electric fence when you are not out and about with them. You can get special ones for poultry and they really work. Our labrador accidentally got zapped by it and now she won't go out into the back garden and I guess this is the effect that it has on foxes and I guess a coyote too!

    With best wishes and thinking of you at this time.
  • DuckyLuvDuckyLuv Junior Member
    edited October 2010
    We have an electric fence for horses, mainly to keep the neighbours horrid dog from terrifying our ducks and chickens, the ducks ad chickens just walk straight through it :( not a bad thing though I want them closely when they are let out. Saw the dog touch it once and now it won't go near it.
  • chickensRcoolchickensRcool Member
    edited November 2010
    I must have been a fox. Foxes will usually kill severel birds and you will see feathers away from the coop. I am very sorry for your duck! This once happend to all 8 of our chickens. To prevent this from happening again, You should build a sturdier chicken coop.
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