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caught in the act

undautriundautri Senior Member
edited November 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
i like to grow odd pots of greens in the autumn (corn etc) for days when my chooks cant or wont venture out of the run in the winter.
this year i planted some up in the greenhouse and the little monkeys found them and scoffed all the new shoots
so i planted some in pots and an old growbag and put them on a table by the back door...... somethings been eating them as they grow.....thought slugs/ mice/ jackdaws...... found the culprit today, red handed:D


  • edited October 2010
    :D and she doesn't even have the decency to look guilty!!
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited November 2010
    I agree....she seems to be saying "What's your problem?"
  • iloveexbatsiloveexbats Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Obviously your shoots and seedlings are highly nutritious because she looks in fantastic condition! What a naughty girl!
  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    yes ,its a case of "oh well , better luck next time, sheila my ole hen"...("back to the drawing board...")
  • randyNCrandyNC Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Don't come down on her too hard now... chuckle You did plant them for her anyway.. She's a beauty.
  • chickensRcoolchickensRcool Member
    edited November 2010
    thats so cute! i remember when we left some pasta salad and my chicken alone in a room and when we came back we found him stepping and eating all over it!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    her latest naughtiness is ti steal food out of the dogs bowl- while hes eating-I dread to think what could have happened if Benji wasnt such a softie:eek:
  • iloveexbatsiloveexbats Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    What a cheek! Poor dog! Our hen will stare our dog out of her basket and then get in herself and snuggle down in the warm patch.:)
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