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Beak trimming ban under threat

BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
edited December 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Hello fellow chickens keepers!
Just had this email from compassion in world farming, letting me know that the ban on beak trimming is under threat

Beak-trimming, it’s just like trimming nails isn’t it?
Sadly it isn’t.

Beak-trimming is a painful mutilation all too commonly practised on chicks destined to be egg-laying hens. That’s why we worked so hard to get a UK ban on beak-trimming in the first place and why we are now so worried to learn that the ban is under threat.

Chickens depend on their beaks to touch, feel and explore their surroundings. Yet, when a chick is no more than 10 days old, up to a third of her beak may be sliced off with a hot blade or an infra-red beam. Tissue containing nerves is cut - causing immediate, and possibly even long-term, pain.

Please support our work with a donation today so that we can close the door on this painful mutilation once and for all.

The UK ban on beak-trimming is now under serious threat

A ban on the beak-trimming of laying hens was due to be implemented in the UK in January 2011. But Compassion has just learnt that the government intends to postpone the ban on infra-red beak-trimming until at least 2016. What is more, our understanding is that the 2016 date is merely an aspiration. We are deeply concerned that the implementation of the ban may continue to slip even further. This is unacceptable.

Together, we must keep beak-trimming front-of-mind and at the top of the political agenda. We will not sit by whilst repeated or indefinite delays to this important ban cause pain and suffering to millions more animals.
If you can donate great if not write a letter or email your mp to let them know you disagree with any extension before the implementation of the ban.
Please help batteries in this way, and push forward fairer and more humane conditions for battery hens!
All the best


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Thanks for exposing this balti
    ive been here
    My mp already signed
  • figarofigaro Member
    edited November 2010
    I have also registered with this site and my issued the MP letter. Thanks again.
  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Heres the full story, as on the front page of the Independant today.
    Share it with your friends, it represents such a back track, even if Labour had not done much, they were getting there. Animals are not political, does anyone know any of them that vote?
    Its up to us to do that for them.
    All the best to all of you
  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Yes, I am coming to same conclusion. If the industry can't or won't change...remove the need for the industry. attitudes are changing, but as I see it, it will be more important to change peoples habits and educate them on the miseries of the battery hen in order that they buy free range minimum, so that the farmers get the idea through thier finances. The real challenge is the food industry using eggs in foods and parts of eggs in with the ingredients.
    This is a tack that could benefit from increased pressure. I always say I am going to write letters but fail miserably....its difficult to know where to start sometimes. But if more big companies can be persuaded that consumers want to know that the eggs are from free range rather than battery, then that will affect a whole load of hens. I know what you mean about the pecking issue: I always think of the battle that William Wilberforce had to get the slave trade abolished, and it gives me renewed strength. Check up on the film its excellent and he is a great actor to watch too!!(forgotten the name, but it;ll be on google...).
    All the best Marie and keep me up to date on anything you get to hear about...
  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Well done Marie, Yes thats the one! You got a better memory than me. Im going to send an email to you so we can carry on conversation...thanks for the great reply, good luck with the letters, we can compete with each other and maybe get some done:p
    all the best
  • randyNCrandyNC Senior Member
    edited November 2010
    Remember the more your bring this up the more chance of having it gain attention. They say the sqweaky door gets the oil... This practice is barbaric to say the least. So crule and inhumane.

    Keep speaking out! Keep up the good work.
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