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job needed Farm Manager

RomanRoman Junior Member
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Hi there.My CV was deleated as I`ve fond job.Thank you.Roman.


  • mamhoffmamhoff Junior Member
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    First Name, Family Name
    Mohammad, Abu Alhouf
    Marka, Jordan
    Mobile #: 079-567 2 996
    E-mail: Mamhoff@yahoo.com

    1. The general secondary education- scientific stream, 1995.
    2. B.sc of Agriculture-Animal Production, M’utah University, 2001.


    From: 1/8/2002 – to present:
    National Poultry Co. (Branch of Del Monte, U.S.A).
    Alkarak, Jordan.
    Farm supervisor

    I have been working as broiler farm supervisor for past 8 years, this farm consist of:
    A- Constructions:
    The farm contains 16 houses (Area =1000 m2 for each) for broiler keeping with a full capacity reaches to 300,000 broiler chicks for all.
    These houses are belong to semi closed system, provided with developed systems from the best companies around the world as following:
    1-Houses from Buttler.
    2-Feeders from Roxell, Val, and Big Dutchman.
    3-Drinkers from Looping (Nipples system).
    4-Burners from Priva.
    5- Fans from Percoli.
    B- Employees:
    - 12 employees for broiler keeping.
    - 2 employees for security
    - 1 employee for machines maintenance.
    - 2 farm supervisor assistants.
    - 1 farm supervisor.

    Position Responsibilities:

    1-Sanitation and disinfection control before chicks placement:
    This including:
    A-Manure removing.
    C-Organic dissolvents.
    F-Laboratory test.

    2-General hygiene for all flocks:
    A- Observing any up normal symptoms could be appeared such as sneeze, coughing, mortality increase…etc.
    B- Applying vaccination program and medications recommended.
    C-Blood samples
    3-Field postmortem anatomy and primary diagnosis:
    This diagnosis is for many diseases might be occurred ex. E.coli, mycoplasma, coccidiosis, nutritional deficiency, ND, IB, IBD …etc, then to give a recommendation for medications depending on the diagnosis.

    4-Monitoring production factors : Ventilation, humidity, temperature, feed, water, lighting program...by:
    A- Keep temperature and humidity present as recommended meeting chicks requirements according to breed (Lohman,Ross,Hubbarad,Cobb).
    B-keep feed & water available for 24 hrs/day.
    C- Applying lighting program.

    5-Limiting the quantities of feed:
    After many trials executed, the quantities were limited as followed:
    A- Starter.
    B- Grower.
    C- Finisher.

    6-Vaccination in many ways:

    A- Spray: against IB and ND.
    B- Eye drop: against ND.
    C- Injection: against AI (H9n2).
    D- Drinking water: against IBD.

    7-Weekly and daily reports:
    Daily records (ISO 9001:2000) should be fulfilled to be analyzed in order to achieve best performance factors then reports are issued:
    A- Daily report that includes: - Daily mortalities
    - Temperatures in houses.
    - Feed intake.
    - Water consumption.
    -Medicines used.
    B- Weekly report which includes:

    - F.C.R.
    - Flocks ages.
    - Feed requirements.
    - Weights.
    - Total feed intake.
    - Machinery maintenance.

    8-Budget formulation:

    On the end of cycle the cost /kg of flesh should be calculated accurately, which acts the main reference to make a budget formulation for the next cycle .

    9-General maintenance of machinery.
    To guarantee that all machines & systems are useful and ready, 2 steps are followed daily:
    A- Checking all machines & systems.
    B- Fixing any problem immediately.

    10-Providing training for a new employee.
    The new employed employees & S. assistants especially those who have no experience, training should be provided for them by the supervisor until they become ready to achieve their daily duties independently.

    -Excellent command of Arabic (Mother tongue)
    -Good command of English.
    - Command of German.
    -Valid driving license.

    -Born on: (19/08/1977).
    -Nationality: Jordanian.
    -Marital Status: Single.
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