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My new site. What do you think?

ChickennickChickennick Junior Member
edited September 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Hey people, Ime basicly here to ask for Oppinions on my new website and the poultry houses that we make. Ime brand new to the web and would very much appriciate your feedback!


Here is a bit of background information. My name is Nick. I am part of a small company who are trying to expand onto the web. All of the products are built by William Harvey (my step father) who has been a passionate carpenter for many years. William however is about as good with computers as a chicken, and thats where i come in. Please take into concidiration that the website has just gone live and more products will be added in the near future.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited June 2010
    good luck with your venture
    brilliant site - very user friendly:D
  • CelticScotsGalCelticScotsGal Junior Member
    edited June 2010
    lovely site, hope you do well. I 'm wondering if your company manufactured any bantam houses for miniature breeds of poultry i.e Old english game, dutch bantams etc. (raised houses built into top of run, e.g run dimensions of 6ft long, 5ft tall, 4ft wide). I'm currently designing a house but would like to purchase one if i could find a seller of such a house.
  • spodskispodski Senior Member
    edited June 2010
    Lovely site and the buildings look great. There are several spelling errors and some punctuation missing. i.e. galvanised not galvenised, absorption not absorbtion, you have timer instead of timber (all in about our buildings section). I would suggest some customer quotes following your statement about customer thoughts.

    Hope you don't take offence, but you did ask! Guess what my profession was!!!
    If you wish I will edit your text if you send it to me.

    Kind regards:)
  • ChickennickChickennick Junior Member
    edited July 2010
    Hello guys, sorry i have taken so long to reply to this. I have been very busy lately. Thanks for all the feedback it is exactly the sort of thing i was looking for :D.

    Doormouse: I am really happy to hear that the site helps to show people how proud my step father is of his work. I shall take your advice and add the product dimensions of all the products, as well as try to make it clear to people that everything is delivered fully assembled.

    Spodski:Thanks for taking the time to read through the site and picking up on that. Potential customers turned away by spelling mistakes is never good. I have no idea how i managed to publish the article without spell checking and your offer to edit the text is very generous indeed.

    CelticScotsGal: Thanks for your enquiry. I realise its probably a bit late now however we can build any sort of house that fits your requirements if you get in touch. We have actually just finished making a unit similar to what you described which was 8ft long and 3ft wide. The house was incorporated centrally above the run. I will soon be adding a bespoke gallery which will include pictures of the product. What characteristics in particular would define a small Bantam house from a regular chicken house apart from the size of the nest boxes?
  • cerisescerises Junior Member
    edited July 2010
    Love your products, and am only sorry that because I live in the Channel Islands, I can't buy from you...but good luck.
  • b_gardner74b_gardner74 Junior Member
    edited July 2010

    Really well done with the website. Its neat, has all the info but does not overwhelm you with data and the layout is great. Good luck on your online venture.
  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited August 2010
    Yes, a very good site with some interesting products. We are in ST Austell so may be down to take a look!
    Where do you source your materials from out of interest?
  • edited September 2010
    Looks great - but could do with a few tweaks to help it in the search engines though - add your keywords to the title tag on the home page for example - so things like Chicken Houses, Chicken Coops, Chicken Runs, Duck houses and so on. The most important words first - then :Cornwall Poultry Houses last.

    Your Meta description (appears in Google under the link people click on) isn't very attractive- it should be a short sentence that entices people to click on your search result - like - "Affordable hand crafted poultry housing made in Cornwall" or something like that rather than Cornwall Poultry Houses, Chicken Coops, Chicken Runs etc..

    Congratulations and good luck with your venture.
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