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You gotta laugh!

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My neighbour - not to be outdone decided to breed rabbits and quails for our local pet shop (A job I used to do but no longer) After chatting one day he asked to borrow my incubator to hatch his own quail eggs, but he had no luck, he borowed it a second time again without success. He gave me back the incubator last week along with a box of quail eggs and asked me to have a go. "I had these eggs about two months" he said to me "Have you been trying to hatch these eggs all this time?" I asked "These ones yes" he replied.....
Well I didnt have the heart, "Let me know when they are laying again" I said, "and I'll have a go for you."


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    makes you wonder doesnt it lol i have a freind who i said tonight can you get me some hatching eggs he said


    he works away

    he said i will get some tommorow a old boy down the pub keeps a flock of laying hens

    (just hens...... i said )

    yeah no cockrels . when i come home next month will drop them in .....???????

    a month old eggs,,,,,

    he then said

    (dont worrie il turn them twice a day till i give them to you


    some pepole havent a clue do they . bless them,
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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    It would probably be best to educate them as they may continue to try to hatch infertile and /or rotten eggs.
    Offer to show them how it is done if they have the commitment to keep the chicks (or you are going to be keeping them yourself).
    I really don't think that folk should be trying to hatch eggs without at least getting the basic knowledge.
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    Don't worry,I'll sort him out. I did tell him in the end that the eggs have to be very fresh. He asked me today if my ducks bite!!
    I said you have to take their teeth out when they're young.
  • MartinaRipckeMartinaRipcke Junior Member
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    Hi Guys,
    maybe a bit of a silly question as well: I am incubating some chicken eggs at the moment and have managed to identify and remove several eggs that were not normally developing during the second candling (10 days after incubation commencement). I could identify unfertilized eggs and early dead embryos but I had a third category which I don't know if they were unfertilized or really early dead. These eggs had a 'deformed' eggyolk but i could not identify a blastodisc or blastoderm. The yolk was also of a different consistency, somewhat firmer and clumpy. Some had a bit of a white film over it that looked like membranes.
    Can anyone tell me wheter these 'deformed' yolk eggs were unfertilized or really early dead?

    Also, when you get bad eggs (that have gone off), how do you know wheter these were originally fertilized or unfertilized?

    Thanks everyone!
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