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bully hen

valeaquatics2009valeaquatics2009 Junior Member
edited May 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
can anyone offer any advice on a hen that is bullying all my other hens please i have found a new loving home for her but am very relustant to let her go thanks hen pekd owner donna


  • NC29momNC29mom Junior Member
    edited May 2010
    We had a hen that was quite the bully herself. She wouldn't allow the other hens to go into the hen house to lay eggs, which as you can guess - cut our egg production way back. My daugther sells the eggs we get to a few neighbors (it's her own little business thing & GREAT way to teach her about the value of money) Anyway; unfortunately, we couldn't find a solution to the bully problem. We had to give her away (and she was one of our best layers). We gave her to my husband's son, it was his first chicken & now he has fallen in "chicken love" and wants more. So, maybe giving her away won't be sooo bad - you could possibly open the door for someone else to see all the joy in raising chickens. Sorry, I know I haven't helped, just wanted to share our story. Good luck to you:cool: :cool: .
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