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Selling eggs

chilliwomanchilliwoman Junior Member
edited April 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Can you believe, I did the right thing and called trading standards who then put me onto the Egg Marketing council as I had asked "can I sell my surplus eggs in my shop" which ...get this.....less than 50yards from my house!
The chickens, ducks and geese are free ranging on both my business and home property as they are so close to each other.

they came back with "If you want to sell them in the shop, then we will have to send out an inspector to check that they are free ranging on the property but if you want to you can sell them from your house without inspection"

Less than 50yards away.......what a joke!

sorry just had to rant about it for a while..


  • from field to forkfrom field to fork Senior Member
    edited April 2010
    It does appear to be ridiculous doesn't it?

    Have you tried selling from the farm gate? An honesty box is generally not abused if you do not want the commitment of being there all the time.

    Another anomaly is ourselves, a country house hotel, selling the eggs to our guests for breakfast, using them for baking which then gets sold as afternoon tea, and as part of a starter on our menus, omelettes for lunch - yet not bound by Egg Council rules!
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