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Article in Guardian chicken welfare

BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
edited March 2010 in "Off Your Chest"

Please read this article, it is what we need to know about the truth of factory farming. Don't let any one tell you otherwise.
Birds and animals likewise feel pain(we ALL know that), they do get scared, they do have lives, good days and bad days...they are just like us without the cars! If you believe in Evolution theory then you will realise that we are just the current end of the line, who knows what may come after? Will they treat us well or farm us like we farm those that have come before?
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  • ashgroveinnashgroveinn Senior Member
    edited March 2010
    When I look at the 2, yes only two this time, 3 day old chicks in my brooder, and my 20 odd birds in their pens, and my free range flock, I think to myself: what a different world. Yes, we do eat our birds,mostly young cockerrals, but also females I dont want to breed from. I have to slaughter them, but they have then had 5-8 months of a good life. And the FLAVOUR of a Croad Langshan is unbelieveable. If people would only STOP buying broilers from the supermarkets, then the industry would HAVE TO listen, and change.
    Join the chickenout campaign! That's a start. Spread the word. Not to other chicken keepers, they already know. Spread it to your friends, neighbors,colleges and ANYBODY.
    There are more to a chicken than a cheap dinner!
  • iloveexbatsiloveexbats Senior Member
    edited March 2010
    Yes, here here! Someone else sent in a posting about what to do with unwanted cockerells and told a story about how, when he was young he had to drown cockerell chicks. It does seem crazy to be killing all these male birds and then producing more for eating. I think if more people knew about the lives of these broiler birds they would be happier to eat chicken less often and to buy more expensive free range birds to eat when they do eat chicken - quality not quantity.
  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited March 2010
    Doormouse has another request from the Battery Welfare people to email your MEP and ask for products to be labelled. Then all and sundry will know, even if they don't care.... that their whatever it is has battery or free range or organic in it. This is a start. We do need adequate labelling of products and then it's so much easier for people to make that informed choice. It happened with eggs, now it must roll out to egg products. We can do it. There are enough of us and we just keep telling everyone like ashgroveinn says. Tell it like it is. It is a world away from our happy hens whom we love, and give the best of lives to.
    All agreed , say aye, AYE!!!!
    PS I started quite pessimistic then but got into my stride later!
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