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Diseases Caused by Chickens

bondsam123bondsam123 Junior Member
edited December 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
Chickens can pass disease to humans. In particular, the transmission of avian flu and bacteria are of great concern. Live chickens can pass avian flu to humans and bacterial infections can be transmitted through contact with the birds. Staph infections and food poisoning can be contracted if proper food handling procedures are not followed. Properly cooking chicken removes part of the risk but it does not remove all risk. Care should be used when in contact with chickens.


  • ashgroveinnashgroveinn Senior Member
    edited November 2009
    In general, LIFE IS DANGEROUS. The best food I have ever tasted, turned out to be BADGER.
  • jsrajajsraja Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    Chickens passes the transmission of avain flu and bacteria are of concern,it passes the avian flu to human and he bacterial infections too.
  • tigger49tigger49 Member
    edited December 2009
    You could pick up the Flu mixing with people, Infack you can pick up germs from almost anything. The trouble is we are to clean, years ago we never had half the deases we have know. Long gone are the days where children are allowed to played in dirt.
    Germs are all around us and as long as your sensible i would not worry.
    We have pig flu at the mo next year maybe bird flu I still would not get rid of my girls but I will be careful.
  • ashgroveinnashgroveinn Senior Member
    edited December 2009
    A lot of it comes down to HYGIENE. I hold a Level 3 food hygiene course, and I run a pub/restaurant/hotel. I have a pair of slip-on shoes and a long coat that I wear when I do my chickens (3 big sheds) and I wash my hands, of course. Whenever I am in the bar, I wear clean clothes, and when I am in the kitchen I wear whites. I find it quite easy, I just plan when I am going to do what, and dress accordingly, and maintain a good overall hygiene. DONT forget, different jobs, different shoes. Just plan it a bit.
  • kernowclickkernowclick Senior Member
    edited December 2009
    The problem with flu and poultry workers is that if an outbreak of bird flu were to occur there is a slight risk that those who work in close contact with poultry could catch the bird flu virus.If these people also caught human flu at the same time the two viruses could mix in the body to make a new flu virus.A new flu virus produced in this way could potentially be very infectious and cause serious illness in other people, as they would not have any immunity to a new virus. Flu vaccine will protect against ordinary human flu but not against bird flu.

    Some Primary Care Trusts are offering flu immunisation for poultry workers and there is health and safety guidance for these people on www.defra.gov.uk or Health and Safety Executive website www.hse.gov.uk.
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