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Egg is Veg. or Non Veg .

haik4096haik4096 Junior Member
edited January 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Hay Friends !!

I really confuse with this topic !!
Why it is in non veg category !!!


  • wattsonwattson Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    Hey Haik

    When egg is from animal origin how it could be vegetarian?
    I think your general IQ is very low... that's why you put this silly question here. I think still you can not differentiate between veg and non veg?

    Veg is some thing from plant origin. Where as
    Non Veg is all the products from animal origin whether its butter except peanut butter , milk cream, yogurt, cheese except made from soybean (tofu), all the meat products.

    There are 3 types of vegetarians:
    1). those who consume vegs along with milk and milk products... cheese, yogurt etc (which is also from animal origin) known as lacto vegetarian.

    2). Those who consume vegs along with milk, milk products, eggs are known as lacto-ovo vegetarians or eggtarians.

    3). Those who consume vegs only (do not consume milk either) are known as Vegans.
  • drnikamsdrnikams Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    as cow milk is veg then egg is also VEG
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited December 2009
    As an ovo-lacto vegetarian I did no think the question stupid at all. It is a confused area, and 'vegetarians' vary widely in what additional animal derived produce (if any) they choose to consume or to wear (leather obviously being of animal origin) At one end of the spectrum are strict vegans to the other end of the scale, piscetarians, who usually describe themselves as fish-eating vegetarians.
    Personally I choose only to have organic milk based products and to eat our own hen's eggs as they are both organically fed and totally free-range. There are those who would argue that this approach is slightly hypocritical as we keep cocks as well as hens. This means that the eggs are fertile and therefore potentially living organisms.
    Anyway our chickens have a very good deal from this and are thoroughly spoilt.:p
  • jsrajajsraja Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    I think the egg is non vegeterian..because its from the orgin of a animal in which its the place where the new animal will grow....
  • from field to forkfrom field to fork Senior Member
    edited January 2010
    Neither do I think the question is stupid, nor that the questioner's IQ is low.

    As a meat eater, I feel everyone's opinions on the subject of vegetarianism are important and in particular, personal to them. It is a confusing area, and I appreciate some of the clarifications in the posts above.

    If you choose to call yourself a vegetarian but occasionally eat bacon - so what, that is your choice, you are just using a convenient word to describe the way you prefer to eat!
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