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My Singin' Chicks!

musicsmysoulmusicsmysoul Junior Member
edited December 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
Hey guys - I'm new here. Nice to meet you all!

I have 8 chickens of my own, who have been quite the little superstars (and divas might I add!).

My boyfriend is an aspiring jingle writer who has won several national contests. His latest entry for Wonderful Pistachios, features our beautiful chicks! I firmly believe he made the top 10 out of 650 videos because of them!

If you'd like to take a look at the fun video, please go to: http://www.getcrackin.com/contest/

Click on the "Vote" tab , select the "farmers get crackin" video, and then click the thumbs up if you like it.

Fun facts about the film stars (chickens):

They are 1 1/2 Years old.
They are free range.
Live in North Central Massachusetts.
There are 2 Reds, 2 White Leghorns and 4 Blue Andalusians.
Their 3-level coop was home built & uses a recycled window from an old house for the front.
They are all natural - only fed natural layer pellets, filtered well water and anything they find when scratching around the yard.
They were bought by mail order from McMurray Hatchery
They supply friends & family with dozens upon dozens of great tasting farm fresh eggs.
They are camera shy but full of personality.



  • ema.whteema.whte Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    Hahaha, that is a really nice video. Thanks for that, you have just made my day :D . Your boyfriend is really talented, this video looks really professional.

  • haik4096haik4096 Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    Hay Friends !!!

    I am very affect from this thing !
    While we eat it !
    No one missed its life !!

    Thank You
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