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jackbencyjackbency Junior Member
edited March 2015 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi Everyone,
I am new here and visited the site.
There are many interesting things I have seen in the site.I like forum discussion since people can share their views and ideas to others. They can give comments on others topic and suggest them.


  • ema.whteema.whte Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    I am also a new member of this forum, I have to say it is a great site. It offers a real wealth of information and should be a destination spot for every chicken enthusiast online :) .

  • WindymillerWindymiller Member
    edited February 2010
    Hello everyone

    I'm yet another newbie.

    I found the site by looking for any mention of Croad Langshans on Google.

    Retired now, I keep some pure breeds of chicken as a hobby and my wife does the same with ducks.

    My main interest is running an incubator and hatching chicks. I hope I can contribute some time.
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