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What Should be Temprature in Chik's Home

bondsam123bondsam123 Junior Member
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We have found that using a drop light with reflector shield is a good source of heat. Use a 75 - 100 - 150 watt bulb and use as many lights as you need to keep the birds comfortable. Hang a reflector light from something secure so it does not come loose and drop down burning something or hurting a bird. The wattage of bulb you are using will determine how high you will hang the reflector over the middle of the birds. Chicks of 1-7 days of age should have an air temperature 1 inch off the floor of 95-100 degrees below the reflector light. Lower or raise the reflector to achieve this temperature allowing plenty of space for the birds to go to a cooler temperature. Regular white bulbs are fine; however, after 1-2 weeks red bulbs might work better to reduce feather picking. The temperature may need to be slightly higher for Bantams and other small bodied birds. A thermometer will help a lot to insure that you have the proper comfort level for the birds. Reduce the temperature 5 degrees per week until you reach 70 degrees. They shouldn't need much heat after that. Start with one or two bulbs per 50 chicks in cold weather. Then watch how the birds act - see diagram at bottom. The birds need a small light at night to keep them from piling up even after they don't need it for warmth. Be sure to watch the CORNISH CROSS as they grow faster than other birds and will overheat more quickly.


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    great advice. Best part of the advice is to **watch the chicks' behavior - not the thermometer.
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