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lethargic hen with diarrhea, family pet,help!

lori.vlori.v Junior Member
edited October 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
two days ago hen became lethargic, loose white & dark green stool. Noticed rear end very dirty with loose stool, noticed many maggots alive. Do not know if I should clean her rear, or if I should leave the maggots because they clean infections. i'm not sure if she has a sore or open area or not. More lethargic this evening, didnt want to be move to her bigger pen this morning for the day. she now just stands in her cage. She drank water though. My hen is about 4 years old, and is only with one other hen, and is loose during the day in our horse field.
I lost her sister about two years ago, can you please help me??



  • shell6shell6 Junior Member
    edited October 2009
    read this post and wondered what the outcome was?hope she`s ok now,all our chicks are pets too,
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