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Live Poultry in Schools

EmmetEmmet Junior Member
edited January 2007 in Poultry Health and Welfare
I am working in a school and am interested in maybe getting an incubator to see if we could hatch some eggs ... I was wondering if anyone knew of any health and safety do***ents that currently exist. I'm sure that there are specific guidelines out there somewhere for children who are near live animals: if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it!!


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited January 2007
    We really need to know what country your from.. people from all over the world post here

    If you in the US... maybe you can start by contacting some of the producers


    They may be able to point you in the right direction

    There is heaps of information on health of the birds and possible contamination .. but this is to do with live birds

    Incubation would consist of the safety of the use of the machine.. cleanliness... touching of the eggs by the kids will contaminate the eggs.. dirty little fingers... etc

    If you need things about the actual incubation of the eggs then I can help... but Occupational Health & Safety Issues.. you may be better going to the local Agricultural Office or contacting them for more specific information.. and rules and regulations..

    You may find that the rules and regulations are so excessive it may stop you from doing the hatching in the actual class room, it may have to be done elsewhere under supervision... could end up being more trouble than its worth

    You also need to think about what your going to be doing with the chicks when they hatch.. some will be boys others girls.. and not everone want's day old chicks to bring up.. special needs for this also

    There are sites on the internet that give you pictures of a chick hatching.. some sites even have mini movies of it in a time frame picture show

    Would sure save all the hassles... but not give the kids the hands on that your obviously after

    What about the picture show and pictures and then do a day trip to the local hatchery to see the chicks hatching and let the kids handle a live day old chick... that's if the hatchery allow this of course..

    It would certainly give them a thrill

    Another thing kids have little idea about is MILK... and where it comes from... visiting a dairy and seeing cows milked really thrills kids...

    Sorry got a bit off track there didn't I
  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited January 2007
    Hi - the only thing that I would add is that you should find out what happens to the chicks after they have been hatched and handled by the kids at your school. Here, at least in my city, once the chicks have been handled by kids outside the hatchery, they are no longer allowed back in with the 100 000 (or more) chicks that have been hatched in the hatchery. This means that unless you can find someone to adopt them (someone who lives on a farm, obviously- it will be way too tempting for a city kid to want to take home a chick and once they reach maturity, want to get rid of it...) - the chicks may very well be euthanized if you return them to the hatchery. Personally, I think this is pretty horrible, but it does happen. The hatchery that rents out the incubator and eggs for this project here - they deny killing the chicks once they are returned to the hatchery, but a friend of mine who works there says that they do indeed kill them, just out of sight of the customers.

    So, just make sure you have a happy home for them to go to after they've hatched, otherwise it's not a good idea to do this project...

  • EmmetEmmet Junior Member
    edited January 2007
    Thanks for the replies - much appreciated! I live in London, UK and planned on giving any hatched chicks to my Mum who keeps hens in her garden anyway so they should be alright there. I'll keep looking across the net anyway - it may well be that it is more trouble than it's worth ... I thought I'd try to find out before I ruled it out :)

    Thanks again for your help!
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