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odd eggs

Worried MumWorried Mum Junior Member
edited April 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
HI - I am a new owner of 3 chickens - 2 of which are laying eggs perfectly. The 3rd hen - Dotty - is really struggling. She laid her first egg last week - it looked and felt more like a balloon than an egg. 2 days later she laid her 2nd egg, whilst the shell was firmer it was not "whole" one end of the egg was trasnparent. She has not laid again until yesterday - but this time there was no shell at all. She now also seems off colour in herself, her appetite has dropped but she is drinking and pooing o.k. They are all fed a combination daily of laying pellets, complete chicken mix and various veg and fruit scraps from the kitchen. I am really worried about her and I am not sure what I can do to help her - has any one got any ideas what this could be or how I can help her???


  • treewalkertreewalker Member
    edited April 2009
    you didnt mention oystershell,maybe a little apple cider vinigar helps with the absorbtion of calcium,which they need for strong egg shells....Treewalker
  • Worried MumWorried Mum Junior Member
    edited April 2009
    Thank you for your reply - I do currently add cider vinegar to their water, however I presumed the complete chicken grain included oyster shell (I was led to believe this from the supplier) I do not have the bag it came in so I cannot check the exact ingredients, so to be on the safe side I will get some crushed oyster shell so that I know they are getting a balanced diet.
  • treewalkertreewalker Member
    edited April 2009
    when u say strugling,do u mean to lay egg,off color,loss of appetite,is she drinking a lot of water,what dose her poo look like.should be firm not runny, brn with white cap.sounds mor like illness,if seperate her from other hens,put her in small cage inside the pen if you can and look her over for lice-mites.have you dusted them since you got them. check out( the cedarcide store) formite controle
  • blondeblonde Senior Member
    edited April 2009
    I give my hens, shell grit, which is fine crushed shells, You can buy this is bags from the feed/stock store. I also give them meat meal as I have it on hand. I give them rolled grain...... wheat, lupins, canola, radish (rape seed), some barley a little soy meal. This is a mixture but I also have this on hand. To this I add minerals, some lysine, and some salt. I find my birds do really well on this mix. I also add tallow to bind the ingredients together. I have lots of eggs and the birds are really healthy. I let the girls and few boys out just before the sun goes down to have a green pick, and then close the pen gate up after dark to keep the foxes out of their pen.
    I worm at the end of their egg laying session and while they are changing their feathers over to their winter coat. This is done in their water as per manufacturers specifications. I dont ever talk to a vet and dont seem to have any problems. May be it has been luck all these years.
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