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Hacthery vs Broiler farm

jhonjhon Junior Member
edited February 2009 in "Off Your Chest"

I am new to Poultry business

My question is if I have around 50K Euros at my disposal.
what will be more profitable business for me options are

1) Chicken Hatchery (that has incubators that produces day old chicks)
2) Broiler Farm (that takes day old chicks and raise them to chicken)

simple which one of the above has more Return of Investment ration
Kinldy help me out..

Best regards


  • skoobyskooby Junior Member
    edited February 2009
    Simple answer really, Save yourself a big headache and a hell of a lot of stress and don't bother with either:D
  • kernowclickkernowclick Senior Member
    edited February 2009
    Hi Jhon, I agree with Skooby but if you are determined to gamble start with a very small venture. Why on earth do you want to invest that sort of money when you have no experience - sounds financially suicidal to me. At least get some sound advice, both financially and regarding the husbandry side or you will quickly become unstuck. Sorry, but caring for poultry in an ethically acceptable way and making a profit is hard enough when you know what you're doing, your way is nuts.
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