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its very quiet on here lately . is everyone ok?
pretty queit here apart from Winnie whiskers being a little monkey . i successfully fenced off my beans this year with a 6ft fence ....but the sparrows ate all the flowers so i havent had one bean
ive had the two tweedles with bumblefoot- cured one completely but the one on crystals foot is taking longer
where is everyone???????????????
keep safe all xx Kath


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Just little old me checking in I'm afraid! Your story reminds me of an exbat called Gremlin, who demolished last year's beans by foraging them up by the roots! Fortunately it wasn't too late to start again. She is remembered for being the demolisher of beans!
    This year's crop was really early and very good, and still harvesting courgettes and tomatoes too.
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