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Rooster keeps pecking my hands/face

My rooster is very fighty and although I don't really mind when he's outside trying to peck my feet (because I can dodge it), I don't like it when he pecks my face. I cuddle with them when they go into their coop and he likes lying close to my face, but when I talk he pecks my face and it hurts. I read somewhere that you should pick them up and walk around with them and I do it, but it doesn't seem to be working. My main problem is my dad, who keeps teasing my rooster into fighting and I keep telling him to stop, but he never listens. Is there another way to stop my rooster from pecking me? I'll try harder to stop my dad next time


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hello shani . explain to your dad that hes not just tormenting the rooster but it upsets you too. i expect hes just doing it to tease you and doesnt realise that hes really upsetting you.as roosters age they are more prone to heart attacks and getting him fighting is a good way to cause one.
    please stop risking the loss of an eye by putting your face so close to the rooster- it only takes one peck in the right spot to blind you.you can have lovely cuddles without putting your face close.
    hopefully when breeding season comes around the rooster wont be so aggressive . its just that in breeding season he feels the need to not only protect his hens but to protect the eggs and his territory.
    keep safe Shani xx Kath
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