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High Temps and my new coop

My ladies are on the fringe of laying.. we have gone full free range and a few of the girls do come back to the coop to inspect the egg boxes daily.. no eggs yet but I have a concern..
It's hot! even with all the windows open and I've fully shaded the run area.. its still super hot in the coop. I'm not sure if the heat will be a complete turn off for my ladies or not.
I'm looking for ideas on cooling.. ventilation seems to be adequate but the temps are my main concern.
I think next year we are going to encourage vine growth on the run and let it go a little more natural... I'll add a few more photos to update the changed made as of now.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hello youve done an absolutely brilliant job there and it will be well sheltered for the rain and wind but youve made the same mistake as i made -by adding the roof covering youve turned the run into a greenhouse . all i can suggest is you fold back the tarp for the summer and put it back for winter . something on the coop roof that will stop the sun going straight into the windows may help,,,i see some tree branches behind are they yours?
    lol maybe a water fountain in the run next to the mealworm fountain ...or a paddling pool ...or a water slide
    back to being serious your idea of growing things over the rumn would work really well . ive got a jasmine plant that grew really fast and has made an arch in one part of my garden where its dry in the showers and cool from the sun . did i say sun?a far distant memory here in Wales
    keep safe xx kath
  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    I'll research jasmine for next year.. chicken safe is the goal.
    There is a nice breeze in the run. It is a greenhouse yet the cross breeze is an improvement from the direct sun we were trying to protect from.
    I have a large fan I may try to place in there.. and a water fountain may become a reality.. funny.. my daugter suggested a waterfall and I thought she was kidding.
    Meal worm beetles would be more likely to "fountain" out of the top I believe.. still thinking this one through.

  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    OMG!! lol lol !! the music!
    Bowchicka wow wow!
    I'm thinking of raising meal worms this fall anyway.. maybe I'll try this.
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited August 2020
    Hi Sandman. I must say I agree with Kath regarding the tarp.
    Regarding climbers, most chickens won't eat anything that's toxic (note that I said 'most').

    The jasmine variety best suited to your run would be jasminum officinale (common jasmine). This is fully hardy and a fast grower, which will also tolerate dry conditions once established. Avoid other jasmines which may not be frost hardy.

    Another idea is to grow a willow bower in your run. This involves pushing willow cuttings into the soil in a big circle, or whatever shape you like and tying them into a dome as they grow. You do have to keep them well watered until well established. Once grown to the required size they need regular trimming to stop them growing into full sized willows. You are certainly creative enough to try this and would probably end up with a willow palace with ornate features!😉
    The willow idea is best undertaken in early Spring, but can be tried any time if the watering is not an issue. Willow cuttings can be taken from any established willow (with owner's permission of course). Another advantage with willow bowers is they bring insects in which gives your hens more foraging opportunities!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Helen my cat is called willow and nobodys taking cuttings off her and pushing her into any runs and i never prune her.
    warning over
    xx Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
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