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2020 coup project coming together nicely

I'll update as I find new ideas to share.



  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    thanks for sharing . loving the coop
    i also love the barrel ....did you have to drink all the contents before you started ?
    how are all your chooks now?
    x Kath
  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    they are well! Battling the heat seems to be a sore spot.. have had to tarp off a large part of the run for shade.
    The barrel was a "side of the road" find... did a little reinforcement in order to cut the hole.. but its really neat and the ladies like to sit inside of it from time to time.
    I'm thinking of adding a second entrance to the run.. higher up with a ramp system with added perches or goody tables.
    they like to perch up in the roof and rafters so a second exit might make it a little easier to navigate inside...trying to address them jumping down on each other or breaking a leg.. but mostly to add an element of fun and interest. Maybe a balcony!! lol. Split Staircase!!! chicken mansion!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    youre having lots of fun planning and building!....what about an automatic elevator - balanced by a stone so when they stand on the platform it automatically drops down for them LOL just joking of course ....unless..................
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited June 2020
    Mine have always pestered me for a mealworm fountain 😋

    Seriously Kath - you should patent that idea! I bet Sandman could build one...
  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    Meal Worm Fountain??
    Show and Tell??
    I was looking at a maggot farm system.. but the "stink" scares me a bit!! but meal worms... clean and stink free!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Helen wouldnt it get a bit boring sitting on an umpires chair dropping mealworms down one at a time? im sure great great grandpappy could come up with a better idea involving a long long piece of string.
    hope you and hubby are feeling lots better now xx
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Yes thanks Kath, almost 100% now!

    As for the mealworm fountain; think chocolate fountain but with mealworms. Only for very posh coops like yours though Sandman!
  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    updated the coop today...
    I think we are going with a two story idea.. lower floor will have a covered run and an interior ceiling to separate the new girls from the 4 month old ladies.
    The new upper door will service the second floor.
    All of this is temporary but the new door system.. how long do you suppose it'll take to fully integrate the new girls?

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    wow thats not a coop thats a palace!!!!!!!!
    as long as the little ones are able to run and hide from any attacks they will be fine but make sure theres more than one feeding station so everyone gets a chance to eat in peace and if theres bullying at bedtime try putting the younger ones to bed a good while before the older girls
    youve got them visible to each other and you havent mentioned any attempts at attacks between the barricades so they may just gel easily for you . good luck xx
  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    so many things going on in my chicken world...
    Yes visibility is the goal but we are also considering going free range for the big girls..
    I've been seeing a few posts on FB that have included Roo damage to the ladies... I'm a little concerned for having a Roo in an enclosed run without a break or an escape.. I'd hate to be dealing with damaged girls.
    2nd "NEW" issue... with the new ladies.. we have another rooster... handsome little bugger.. but again.. another roo. He's a Welsummer so you know he's going to be lovely.
    He started to stand out right away and I've buried my head in the sand hoping to be wrong. His Large comb is already huge, at three weeks old?? thats crazy!
    3rd... New Roo is fast!! he chased down a wasp that got into the brooding area and got stung on his comb.. it was already large but now it's swollen and huge..
    Tough birds!! size ratio to sting has got to be terrible.. he shook his head a bit but is right back at life as tho nothing happened.

    So, tonights question...
    We are thinking of going "free range" the plan is to let them out late in the afternoon. We are thinking 5pm.. so they don't wander too far on the first time.
    I'm wondering your thoughts on this plan.

    So many good reasons to go free range and the best reason is... we could have more chickens!!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    free range chickens are the happiest as long as predators cant get into them . you may have problems having 2 roosters, they are quite capable of killing each other . you also need the right ratio of hens to roos. - too many hens is not good for the roo and not enough hens is not good for the hens
    as for roo damage , very often a roo will pick a favourite and tread her more than the others no matter where they are kept . easy solution is a poultry saddle . also roos tend to not be as active in the colder months and when they are moulting so you may only have a problem with overtreading in the sprtingtime
    good luck with the intergration
    x kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I'm no help - first I thought you meant 'kangaroo' 🦘

    Secondly - I don't do roos!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    i have terrible trouble with kangaroos hopping into my coop but those koala bears are the worst - cant play my diggerydoo in peace.
    hope youre all better now helen
    xx kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Much better for reading your reply Kath - ROFL with my wobbleboard!🤣🤣🤣
  • SandmanSandman Senior Member
    we've been allowing the girls to run free.. they are enjoying themselves as expected.
    They have meet the new girls through a fence and they seem super interested! The new girls are no longer weary of the larger ladies but with a separation.. there is no reason.. It's a beginning I guess.
    As for the roosters.. our super sweet Orpington is getting loud and frequent.. we did find someone that may take him and allow him to live out his days on a farm with a large flock... "If" he becomes more than we expect.
    Chicks are not in the coop yet. We are going to skip the separation in the run and get the big girls out first thing in the AM.. then pen the new arrivals until they acclimate to the new diggs.
    Thanks again for all the advice!!
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