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Khaki Campbell duck laying soft-shell eggs the size of a marble

This duck is 3 yrs old and has been a good layer. She has started laying miniature eggs with a soft shell. She is one of 10 ducks all healthy and laying well. Has anyone seen this before? She seems fit and well and is happy running around and grooming, eating etc.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi masterlink. I don't have ducks but I do see this in hens now and then. Sometimes the shell gland simply develops problems, especially in older birds. If she is the only duck to have this problem then that might be the case.

    Another possibility is that your duck needs to be treated for worms. Sometimes just one or two birds in a flock can be more susceptible to worms than the others, and one of the first signs is often soft shelled eggs or a drop in egg production.

    Although there are no officially recognised duck wormers (in the UK), most duck owners I know use Flubenvet poultry wormer.

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