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nasty wound

my bottom hen Bluebell, one of my silkies has a nasty wound at the side of her crop. shes a timid little one so doesnt run up to me like the others do so its possible shes had this a few days without me noticing . i only spotted it yesterday after finding a few drops of blood in the bedding where she sleeps.its at the bottom by the side of her crop and looks a right mess as shes been pecking it
i rinsed it under a running tap , sprayed it with vetzyme ans put a manuka honey based ointment on her the same as the vet used after Pippys bumblefoot operation and ive put tylan in her water and syringed some metacam into her last night . she seems bright this morning and is eating sweetcorn from my hand the wound today looks like a big , bumpy scab and isnt bleeding or weeping . whats making things even worse is that she seems to have an impacted crop but i cant get hold of maggots like i usually do and cant massage her because of this wound . im giving her liquid paraffin though
im having big problems getting a covering to stay on it . i tried vet wrap but she managed to peck it under that tried a sock cut up but that kept rolling up and the lint fell out . last resort last night was a sanitary towel with strips of material tied around her neck and under her wings but shes out of that this morning . i saw someone making a face mask out of a bandana and 2 hair bands so may try a version of that on her.
any ideas or advice would be gratefully accepted
x Kath


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi Kath, I have treated crop wounds before in other birds, and you'd be amazed how fast they heal. Even tears that go through to the contents of the crop heal within a few days.
    Personally I would just keep the wound clean and leave it to the elements, but if you're determined to try something, then you could try cutting a section off the top of a sock, or a sleeve and popping it over her head and down. She'll probably remove whatever you try though!
    I also use liquid paraffin for impacted crops, and to be honest there's no guarantee that maggots would do the trick because hens usually bash their brains in before taking them down.😲

    Hope you're now able to get supplies there.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    thanks helen . ive tried all sorts of covers but she takes them all off . i thought id won last night when i checked on her she still hasd a cover on but was standing awkward - realised then that the poor thing was standing on the front of the bandage and couldnt move . so i had to take it off .the main reason i wanted to cover it was to stop her pecking at it and making it bleed. she seems to have stopped that now anyway so ill leave her. her impact has gone but shes passing whole grains in her poop so im limiting her to soft things as much as possible
    im doing fine getting pet supplies as im a regular at the country stores 3 doors away but still things i cant get for the house - mainly toilet rolls , tissues , paracetamol, pasta . flour . yeast, tinned food is hit and miss but weve found a farm shop afew miles away that my son can get to on a bike so getting fresh veg and flour there. one of the village butchers has given up and closed and the other one is still unable to get certain things
    ive got 50 eggs in my fridge so have asked the vicar if he knows anyone i can give them to that is struggling with shopping or money . i used a dozen last night - the 4 of us had an omelette for tea stll leaves me with 40 including todays lay . i feel guilty when people out there may be struggling and i cant go out to help them
    hope youre managing ok
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    We're fine thanks Kath. Shopping is an odd experience though, when there is no flour of any kind to be had, or yeast, yet there's loads of bread products. It's as is everyone has decided to bake their own bread for some reason. We've always baked our own, and can't get those supplies anywhere, even online. Not much veg here either, but lots of fruit!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited April 2020
    hi Helen , glad youre coping .
    i took 2 doz eggs over to the vicar yesterday who thought it was brilliant and said he knew people who are in alone so he was going to give to them.
    try hobbs house bakery online - my sister got sour dough starter from there and Rachel ordered flour to come next week so worth you trying them . there seems to be lots of small mills around the country that sell online but are all sold out atm. i'm getting good results with loaves made with ordinary plain flour and have found a recipe substituting flour with ordinary porridge oats that have been reduced to flour in a food mixer/ coffee grinder
    ive got by a bit making beer bread - really tasty - 330ml beer,375 g self raising flour (or add baking powder to plain flour)and 3 tsps sugar mix together then put in a greased tin and drizzle melted butter on top.(no kneading and its meant to be sticky). cook on 180 for 50 mins
    i made one yesterday as we'd no bread left , got up this morning to find just one slice left and to rub salt onto the wound theyd all used different knives and plates so lots of washing up for me to start the day.
    Keep your peckers up xxxxKath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Thanks for the link Kath. They are sold out of most things and charging £30 for 16kg of wholemeal bread flour!!🤔, plus 5.95 postage, so I think I'll pass. Usually we pay around £10 including delivery. As for ordinary flour and oats - none of those to be had here either!. Looks like we'll have to slum it and buy 'plastic' bread. 🤢
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Wow i think Rachel paid £14 for the plain which was cheap when i had to pay £2 for a 1.5 kg bag last week
    in the words of someone famous no bread ...let them eat cake :)
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited April 2020
    How are you all?
    Bluebell is still in the hospital pen but looking better today . i think she was suffering from a vitamin deficiency that affects silkies- very tired all the time and no energy . however shes eating a good bit and drinking her treated water (vits and tylan) i put her in the greenhouse yesterday for an hour or two which perked her up. the wound is one big hard scab but shes started pecking bits off it to reveal new skin. i gave up with trying to bandage her although she did keep a poultry saddle on for a few days.my biggest concern is that her poo is mostly whole food coming out so something bad is wrong somewhere.
    Winnie whiskers and the tweedles (Dum and Dee aka pearl and crystal) are out in the garden with the others and doing well. couldnt find Winnie one day then spotted her perching on a pair of underpants on the washing line ...no idea how she got up so high but had to bring the line down to get her off :)
    keep an eye on that bakery site helen as they add things daily.
    keep safe everyone
    xx Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Poor little Bluebell.

    I'd be worried about that poo too, have you got any probiotics, such as Avipro Avian? Also Critical Care...

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    just ordered avipro , thanks Helen . shes not eating grit atm so ill have to try forcing some into her inside a sultana maybe . shes eating better now than she ever has
    xx kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I wouldn't worry about grit too much - she will take it in if she needs to.
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