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how is everyone?

hoping all is well with my chicken addict friends at this worrying time
weve got extra worries though ....what if theres a shortage of meat and people know we have chickens ?a friend of mine has put a notice on her coop door advising people that her chickens have been injected with antibiotics so are unfit for human consumption. but what about egg thieves ...maybe a warning sign saying "caution bird flu"
seriosly though if things get worse we may all have to head for the hills to Sandie with chooks in tow
really serious though hope every one of you are doing ok
xx Kath


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I must admit, I hadn't thought of that, but our local hen rescue mentioned that they've had an unprecedented demand for the next rehoming and I was most suspicious about that.
    I reckon the future headlines will read; 250,000 die of Covid 19, and a further 1 million from starvation, due to the other beggars panic buying it all!!!💀
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    my butcher cant get chicken or beef at the moment but i know he wont steal my chooks as he cant kill anything - he can cut them up but cant kill
    i was panic buying yesterday ....bought 3 pols - being delivered tonight.
    i may run out of food and toilet rolls but ill have plenty of eggs and feathers
    ive ordered another emerald blue and 2 legbars
    my spare spare coop (ive got 3 coops)has been empty since last july and ive only got 3 little ones in the big coop so i have the room - chicken common sense really - in times of trouble buy more chooks
    just off to panic buy hay and layers pellets ...............................
    x Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I'm trying to resist the urge to buy more chooks, in case I get too ill to look after them! Very tempted though.....🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    go for it Helen - worst case scenario you put a load of food down if you start feeling unwell- we,re all experienced with lock downs thanks to 2 years ago.
    been out to peep at the newbies - the 2 legbars are covered in shi""thanks to coming down in a cage . i cant wash them just yet as they are so timid . they havent ventured out of the sleeping compartment yet but the emerald blue , who has whiskers this time , is coming out to peck at the floor and look at the other chooks and shes completely clean . the 2 white ninjas were straight over for a nose but noone else seemed to care
    off to find meat now - the local supermarket has run out and my usual butcher was shut yesterday as he couldnt get any meat ...suddenly layers pellets in gravy with some yorkshire puddings sounds tempting
    take care everyone
    ps im planning on putting something to block my garden gate to keep the chooks safe- not a joke anymore, people are already reporting losses on my facebook group
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    The situation is just crazy Kath. You would think with all these restaurants closing there would be a surplus of supplies coming into the food chain, so where's it all going? I have yet to meet someone who admits to panic buying. Now for those hens.....
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    several people on the facebook page i follow have had chooks stolen so ive barricaded my side gate and moved my security camera. MENTAL
    i let the babies out of their coop yesterday and shut them in the main run - Winnie Whiskers (the Emerald blue) is quite at home but the 2 leghorns are very flighty still-one in particular - havent named them yet but thinking of Crystal for one
    hope yoyu can get sme hens - the rescues are inundated , even Babs in Ireland.
    on a sobering note ...whats going to happen to all these chickens bought by panic buyers when lockdown is over and theyre back in work
    im going to try contacting Sandie later by e.mail - havent heard from her for a while now
    anyone else on here reading this please post a quick hello to let us know youre ok
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I think a lot of hens are going to suffer fools for owners Kath.
    Meanwhile I have picked up two silver sussex ladies, about 12 weeks old! So probably a few weeks before they give me eggs. They are bright and healthy, and called Pip and Squeak. 🐔🐔❤❤
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    congratulations on your new babies xx if theyre anything like my speckled sussex theyll be brilliant characters and good layers . i always notice my older hens seem to get a spring in their steps whenever i introduce pols
    Winnie Whiskers launched herself 6 foot from the top of her coop onto my shoulder last night and wouldnt jump off ....do you remember LillyBeth being the same - couldnt bend over in the run without her landing on my head like a living easter bonnet.
    she also came face to face with all the big girls this morning but they were too busy clearing up the scraps of food left over by buffy and the silkies to take any notice of her
    i have to clean all the babies feet today as i noticed mud balls on three toes - they havent got feathered feet so it should be easy enough .buffy and the 2 silkies all have toes missing which i assume is from mud balls with their previous owner - they were 3 year old when i got them
    how many hens have you got altogether now ?
    2 more people on my facebook reported chickens had been stolen yesterday - one had a rooster taken and the biggest of her hens . so sad
    take care Helen and have fun with those babies xx
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Thanks Kath, I have 9 now, although just the three in lay at the moment, one of which is Josie (exbat) about to go broody again!!

    The new ladies are very young still, with tiny combs. Should they still be on growers pellets, or are layers OK? They are tucking into all sots of green stuff, such as grass, cabbage, chickweed too.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    there is a problem with giving layers too soon as it would cause them to come into lay before their bodies are ready and could then affect the calcium supply needed for their still growing bones- ive always only given layers to those that are in lay but my chooks all turn their noses up at pellets and mash once theyve been here a few weeks
    however at 12 weeks sussex breeds arent that far off lay anyway with you so dont panic if you run out of growers
    talking about running out , i hear through facebook that layers are hard to come by . ive got 1kg for the "babies" and half a sack of mixed corn for the others but the pet shop is only 3 doors away so im hoping ill be able to get more soon.
    talked to Sandie yesterday via e mails - i was relieved to hear shes not too bad and is busy with the lambing.
    Stay safe xx Kath
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