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hope alls well

undautriundautri Senior Member
edited March 2020 in Poultry Health and Welfare
hope all is well with everyone after the storms and flooding . i wasnt affected here but parts of the Gower were shut off completely with the floods.
my newbies are all still laying daily and so for a change ive actually got plenty of eggs this winter , so much so that i even made a Japanese jiggly cake for Craigs birthday - 13 egg whites....it was jiggly and tasted lovely but deflated rapidly :)
something else these newbies are doing that im not used to is that instead of moving themselves into the main coop theyve decided to stay in the smaller one and the two white ninjas have joined them ..so ive got 5 large fowls sleeping in a 4 ft coop and 3 bantams in a 6 ft coop. Ah well! everyone seems happy :)
please keep in touch everyone xx


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    It's a shame you can't post pics on here Kath. That cake sounds delightful. We can always rely on you to come up with unusual names!🍮🍮🍮
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