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Broody hen getting off her eggs too fast.

So one if my hens has been broody for a few days now, but she lays her eggs outside of the coop and we can't let her stay there since we live right next to a large bush where predators can come out of. So at night we usually put her to sleep with the other chickens. We never thought of the eggs actually being able to hatch since she never stays on the eggs for long even if she lays her eggs inside the coop and we don't have to pick her up. She just got off some eggs today and it only lasted about a week of her laying on it, maybe even shorter. I just checked the eggs to make sure that there isn't anything inside, but there is a dark spot inside of each one! I don't know if the eggs are rotten or fertilised. We don't have an incubator or anything and I feel too bad to just throw the eggs out. What should I do? I'm afraid of maybe killing baby chicks, but we don't have a way to make them hatch now (if there are chicks).


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    the dark circles could very well be embryos especially if you are seeing veins or red lines all around too
    once my broodies sit i lift them at least twice a day for them to eat , drink and poo- put them some distance from the nest for the exercise of going back
    unfortunately without an incubator or a broody its virtually impossible to successfully hatch eggs
    can you put her somewhere safe with the eggs where shes away from the other hens and your cockerel- if she feels safe she may be more determined to sit
    x Kath
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