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Snakes in the backyard.

We've gotten many snakes in our backyard even before we got the chickens. Mostly because we live right next to a large bush (I wouldn't call it a forest, because it's not that large, but it's lots and lots of bushes and trees and does stretch pretty far) and snakes are definitely living in there. Our most dangerous snakes are puff adders and tree snakes(I don't really know what they're called, but we call it a Boomslang and they're very poisonous) And ever since we got our chickens I've been so scared of snakes coming and killing them. Yesterday my heart almost stopped. I heard my rooster making a sound as if to warn the hens and when I checked there was a puff adder right in front of them. They didn't know what it was and just followed it and looked at it. Luckily after a while we got the chickens to go away from the puff adder, but it was hard. Would chickens attack a puff adder and would they be able to dodge their attacks?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    we dont have snakes here in wales apart from the common adder so ive no experience sorry . Just wondering though if the adder was attracted to the chickens or are there rodents around for it? So make sure theres no rats near the coop
    i think the chickens , being prey animals, would be unlikely to just attack a snake unless they were protecting something such as chicks sounds like your visitor was just nosing around and was shepherded away by the chooks
    hope this puts your mind at rest a bit but as i said ive no personal experience of snakes ....apart from when i took one of my hens to a vet the other week and a young boy asked could he give her a grape - he did , with his pet python wrapped around his wrist and the hen didnt bat an eyelid !
    x Kath
  • I have to admit that I did see a mouse run into our backyard once to eat some seed, but ran back into the bushes as soon as it saw me. There was one in the house not long ago too. We have cats though, but the one is old and doesn't want to hunt as much anymore and the other is terrible at hunting. Luckily for us our cats know that we love the chickens and they may not attack them. Unfortunately I don't think it would be very possible for us to get rid of all the rats or mice, since they're most likely just living in the bush next to us. :( Hopefully our old cat decides to go for another hunt soon. The snake didn't look interested in the chickens at all. That snake only attacks when you step on it or something, it's a very lazy snake. So I was more afraid that our rooster would decide to attack it.

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited December 2019
    Hi Shani and welcome to the forum! I'm in the UK too where we only see grass snakes and the occasional adder. I can't really offer any advice either, but would be interested to know where you are?

    As far as cats go - our cats are quite scared of the chickens and always give them a wide berth!
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