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  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited September 2019
    I think I would be doing the same as you regarding the syringing, although I'd try to break it into at least two doses per day, so that it is little & often, like the dose in water would be.

    Or...if she likes a particular food you could try soaking that in your daily dose and feed a few times a day - for example dried mealworms could soak overnight in 14ml ready for next day's dosing. Hope that makes sense and might make it a bit easier!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    when i got home from my last visit i soaked her again ready to bandage and found that the scab on her right foot was hanging off so removed it.there was a lot of yellowish pieces but back at the vets (not taking any chances this time)the young vet reckoned it was part of her foot and not to remove a scab again (she did it last visit!) two days later it was back to a black scab on the right foot and a lighter one on her left
    last night the left foot scab came off when i washed her - it had been loose all week -revealing a small amount of white puss and a pin sized hole the rest of the pad looks perfectly normal . i feel im finally winning on the left at last but the right is still very much there.However the edges of the scab are slowly coming off in her epsom soaks.
    shes still in good spirits , doesnt limp at all and eats well.
    the bumblefoot saga continues
    x Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    It's a long old process alright, and not many people have the dedication to see it through like you Kath. I trust you have a good vet who doesn't charge outrageous fees?
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    helen - £11 per consultation then cost of treatments.
    went to vet yesterday and saw a different one to last time .she agreed that the yellow stuff wasnt part of her foot as the last vet said but rather dead skin and she tried to take it out . first she nicked pippys toe by accident then tried in vain to cut around the bumble - only a tiny bit came away so she said that although they were happy to continue it may be better to see an exotic vet ........................................waiting for exotic vet to open .....................
    x Kath
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    found a vet not too far away and we took Pippy there yesterday. vet suggested removing the bumble under anaesthetic and actually did it there and then -we were there just over an hour and Pips was fine apart from getting really hot and bothered . she has a strange shaped bandage on her foot and has to take marbocare tablets daily for a week and ive got to leave the bandage on but if it does get too dirty or loose ive got f10 cream to fill the cavity.
    the bill came as a bit of a shock - £145 for the op plus medication and consultation but when i add up the cost of all the visits to the local vet it seems good value as long as its now over for her finally . i have to go back next week to get it checked
    shes fine this morning apart from being desperate to get out of the coop . hoping some maggots will appease her
    x Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited October 2019
    It must be Halloween cos I read 'macabre' tablets! LOL!

    Your op was pretty good value - usually around £275 for a minor op here.

    My husband took a hen to the vet's without me recently (I had a migraine). He's great with hens but not so sure about meds. We only needed some baytril but he ended up with 4 different types of meds which cost £115.
    On top of that the vet tried to sell him an implant (thankfully he declined)!

    Recently a friend of mine asked me to check her newly acquired chooks . They were full of lice and required ivermectin or similar. The vet insisted on selling her a pipette of frontline per chook @ £7.50 per bird, plus consult @ £32. They also needed a repeat application, and the consult fee was charged again along with the pipettes.

    I do despair because it puts anyone off taking their chooks in again. I certainly don't keep as many due to the cost of vets. I don't begrudge the consult fee as long as I feel I've been consulted, not insulted. I could give you more examples but you'd lose the will to live!!!

    I really hate it when vets take the p*ss. We have at least three avian vets in this area and they are all very mercenary. I miss the old days - must be getting old😒
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    helen , its offputting too when different vets have different ways of doing things . ive now seen 5 different vets for Pippy and all have given different treatment guides . i saw another exotic vet yesterday - he pulled the scab off the right foot where shed had her op and filled it with honey , vet wrapped it and told me not to touch it for a week. for the other foot which now has a very small mark on it hes told me to monitor it daily as she may lean on it more at the moment . im to cover the pad with iodine and f10 cream and wrap it well. hes switched from marbocare back to enrocare- baytril and i can give metacam if i feel necessary
    back to see Lance next week - the one i saw last week who did the op. their website is interesting - http://originvets.org/
    x Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    They sound like a unique practice Kath. Hope they don't let you down.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    back to the vets yesterday - really good results on both feet . vet reckons were winning
    Pippy caused quite a stir again .....first the taxi driver was excited to tell his kids hed had a chicken in his cab , then walking in the vets and waiting to sign in i could hear the usual exclammations - its a chicken ha ha ha .sitting down in the cat friendly area away from the dogs i was asked whats wrong with my cat and theres hysterical laughter when i say its a chicken. waiting to go in a little girl comes over to have a look and i gave her a grape to give pippy - her older brother wasnt long following her , with a 2 ft python wrapped around his wrist, worryingly enough Pippy wasnt phased by the snake and took the grape . coming out new people had arrived and again i got the its a chicken statement followed by laughter . thinking it was only polite i went over to see what they had ....it was a big brown rat . ......pretending i wasnt panicking i walked away wondering if id caught one in my trap last night and if so should i take it to a vet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    x kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    With entertainment like that it's almost worth the consultation fee!
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Trips to the vets with chickens can be SO funny. When I took Mort my Naked Neck cock there one lady came over and said "Oh, poor thing, what's caused him to lose all his neck feathers?"
    Glad to hear that th bumble foot seems to be slowly abating.Honey really is a magical stuff.
    My vets is pretty mundane in comparison with yours.....dogs, cats....and the exciting bits...always some trailers, often with vets operating, delivering etc in the back!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    you sound like your vet is off the series the yorkshire vet . my usual vet has the occasional horse box in the parking space but is usually cats and dogs
    funnily enough one of our usual vets has moved to work for this new one . two young foreign girls have taken her place
    how are your daughters chicks getting on?
    nice to hear from you
    x Kath
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    put the flags out - Pippys foot is officially healed
    after a short wait in the waiting room with a budgie , a conure and a parrot Pippy went in to the vet for the great revealing - i dont change her dressing between vet visits- and there it was gone !!!!!!!!!no more bandages and creams just keeping her clean and on soft bedding for 3 weeks to give the pad a chance to harden up again before she can go out on concrete and mud. Phew! my bank balance hurts but ive gained an insight into the experts way of treating bumblefoot and of course Pippy is better
    xx Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Yippee! Now we will always know who to turn to for bumblefoot advice!
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Well done.....so satisfying when you manage to eventually eradicate this horrible disease.

    Since my chickens have taken to staying in the sheep shed (barn) where they perch up on the metal sheep hurdles and gates I have had no cases (fingers crossed) of bumble foot. I don't think they were getting wood splinters to introduce bacteria from their wooden perches in the hen house and the perch height is about the same. I can only guess that the bacteria do not live on the metal 'perches' in the same way. I do have to clean the sheep hurdles quite often, though!

    All I can say is, things are working well for now. When the sheep come in at lambing time some of them think it's great fun to chicken chase. i'm not sure how it will work out then.

    But, once more....well done, Kath.
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