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Mealworm substrates

So I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos and read some articles talking about substrates for mealworms and beetles. And I’ve been raising my own mealworm farm for half a year. As of now, I’m convinced that wheat bran does make mealworms happier than any other bedding, such as oatmeal and rolled oats. But again that’s my opinion. And I’m still experimenting what’s the best bedding for beetles. I can’t really measure or compare if wheat bran or old fashioned rolled oats works better for beetles. Any thoughts please?


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited September 2019
    Hi Johnny,
    All I can say is well done for getting this far. I've tried and failed to raise mealworms twice - just ended up with loads of grain mites! Maybe you could give us a few tips
    I would say carry on as you are, as it sounds like your mealworms are very happy...until they get eaten that is😉
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