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3 out of 6 will hatch? V sad.

MyChickieRomanceMyChickieRomance Junior Member
edited April 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
As some of you may know i had 6 cream legbar eggs in the incy. They were due yesterday and i waited with baited breath, but nothing happened.

I waited all day today aswell. Watching for any movement. Which I saw!!! one egg moved and that was it. So as i waited and waited, and fell asleep waiting lol. It got dark so i decided to candle the eggs. To my disapointment the first 3 eggs looked really under develloped, One was totally tiny in its little egg with a blood ring. I was so upset that the first three were like this but managed to battle on to the next 3.

I was surprized to see the last three were totally pitch black with the little air sack glowing brightly. I hadnt candled the eggs for a bout a week coz i was poorly but this lifted my spirit alittle.

I dont know why the first three were quitters but im holding out on the others. Someone please talk to me lol coz im dying here in anticipation lol.

should i have had some signs by now??:confused:


  • Kate MerrimanKate Merriman Junior Member
    edited March 2008
    I hope your eggs hatched. I have just had the heartbreaking experience of all three of my Campbell ducklings dying in the eggs just before they were due to hatch. will start again though an hope to learn from the experience.
    Good luck with yours.
  • moggy89moggy89 Junior Member
    edited April 2008
    i have just had 4 chicks hatch out of 10 eggs, but one of the for had to be killed as it was not doing a could not walk after 3 days and had an infection where it cut its leg trying to walk on it elbow, so now 3.
    But when i candled them 9 where dark and when floating 8 bounced, so i think 4 died very close to harching. :mad:
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