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Keeping A Chicken As A Pet.

edited March 2019 in "Off Your Chest"
Since starting out my job at timbu I have had less time to check with Sage, my dust colored broiler, whom I have had for a few months now. Save for cleaning out his wood cage in the morning before I leave and dropping his food off with my neighbor who finds it weird that I keep a chicken as a pet, we barely spend much time together anymore. Understandably, this isn't the norm where I live. Chickens are one of the most reared animals in Nigeria, but most do so specifically for having fresh chicken meat to eat when they(chickens) are grown. I have always had a tender center for chickens since forever, but never got to keep any until now. While I love my job, helping people travel and get to awesome and desired destinations, I really do miss rubbing my hands down Sage's silky feathers, the way they can be calming. I miss feeding him off my palm, watching him eat like he is contemplating each grain,and how afterwards, he doesn't walk off to scourge for more like most chicken would.

Anyway, that is what's been on my mind, I'd like to know how y'all who keep chickens as pets and still have to get to work manage. XO.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    i dont go out to work but can understand where youre coming from.
     ive kept chickens as pets for several years .Eggs are an added bonus but i keep them for their entertainment and aesthetic value and feel my garden is a better place for having them.
     i originally started keeping them as a reason for my disabled daughter to get outdoors more but im more hooked on them than she is !

  • hello kathx, it feels good to have my feelings mirrored.
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