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7 Day Old Chick Trouble Swallowing

I have a 7 day old double tuffed Araucana chick that is demonstrating signs that look like trouble swallowing. The chicks feces looks normal. I have checked for possible obstruction and didn’t see anything. Resent changes are introduced grit into their environment and offered small chunks of tomatoes the night before. The other chicks from the hatch appear to be fine. These chicks are from purchased fertile eggs. Chiicks I hatch from purchased eggs I feed the following for the first 7 days: medicated chick starter with Nutritional brewers yeast (4 c. Chick starter to 2 TBS Nutritional Brewers Yeast), Electrolytes & Vitamins added to the water.
Any suggestions as to treatment would be greatly appreciated. (White double tuffed chick in the video)


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     how long has he been doing this? is he eating well?
    it looks like hes adjusting his crop which could mean he was a bit greedy with the tomatoes or the grit may be too big for him
    if he continues to do this then you could try a small amount of oil (sardines in oil) and a gentle crop massage to ease things along a bit
    hope this helps
    come back and let us know how he does

  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    I agree with Kath.....crop blockage would seem to be the most likely.

    A dropper with vegetable oil would also probably do the trick.....just a few drops and then gently rub the crop.

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