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Help for medicating a pigeon

3 weeks ago I found a sick pigeon around my block and decided to try help him. He had and still has pigeon pox, and he is half blind because of it. I took him to a vet and found out he also has both wings broken. The problem is however that after a week he started having very watery poops and drinking more water. I was advised to give him metronidazole for canker, although I am not sure he has canker (no growths in the mouth). There were also suspicions of coccidiosis. I have given him metronidazole for 10 days now with no improvements and it feels to me his health is actually rather deteriorating. Meanwhile I found a medicine called BS that is supposed to treat both canker and coccidiosis (has rhonidazole and amprolium) but I do not know if it's safe to hit him with another antibiotic.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    poor thing sounds like hes in a bit of a state
    i know nothing about the care of pigeons so can only go on what i know about chickens
     the more he drinks the more watery his poos will be and cocci usually means blood in the stools so theres a strong chance he hasnt got it
     how is his appetite and what are you feeding him?give him a boost by adding vitamin drops to his water or try nettex nutri drops
    canker usually responds to metronidazole . you say hes blind, is that because of a covering growing over his eyes? if so spray twice daily with colloidal silver and it should clear up
    keep us informed how he gets on

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