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Caring for Broilers

Hi, I would be really grateful for any info as I've recently came across a situation where someone looking after broiler chickens was limiting their water supply (I was informed that their water was filled twice a day) When their water was filled, they all rushed to it and drank as through they hadn't seen water for days. I was always under the impression that chickens should have a fresh supply of water at all times, especially broilers as they need more. I'm very open to learning and would be very interested to hear if this is currently normal practice when caring for broilers (or if this has ever been a practice in the past) I was told that if the broilers drank more then they would get bloat and die.
I have no experience in this area, and so am grateful for any comments from others in this community with experience. Many thanks.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    this is news to me
    as far as im aware restricting water would stress the birds and cause health issues leading to less food intake so it would defeat the objectives of raising broilers
    in this country the rspca monitor such  farms so if the farm is in the uk then a report to them may be worthwhile.
    keep us updated
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