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I am a broiler farmer, and i get puzzled every time i see something i do not understand. my broilers look like they have Gumboro diease but i have been reading through the pages lately and i have come to a conclusion that there are no clinical signs of Gumboro in broilers that a below 5 days. 
what could really be the real issue with them because i noticed this many times and when it comes they stop eating and eventually their weight gain is low. could it be paratyphoid infection ? my doctor is not available to help .
I hope i will get the answers here,
Thank you 
Paul Nsamba


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     sorry but without knowing the symptoms and circumstances we cant even guess at what is going wrong
     i should think the best way to find out and to be 100% certain is to have an autopsy done on one that has died
     i wish you luck

  • i have copied and pasted a link from YouTube which better explains my problem , i happen to have this problem on my farm and it has been there for quite sometime. i have also tried to ask doctors around and they tell me it not gumboro because it attacks my broilers in the first week of age. but , when i go through the pages, i mainly see gumboro attacking birds of three weeks and over. 
    how can i treat this disease . and how can i prevent it thoroughly 


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