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Can some one help please

Sorry for the graphic image just really need help!! I have my hen with the eggs we have had one hatch 3 days ago and everything was fine , we have just had another one hatch today and I went down to check on it twice today and the second time I saw her laying on the floor outside of the hutch, I have no idea what happened she looks like she had an impact to the back of her neck it’s come up in a blood lump under the skin and her fur had come of in a lump the other side of thre hutch, her eyes were shut and crusted over please help with maybe what happened and what to do currently she is in a box with a teddy and set up she is cuddled into the teddy asleep but still alive x


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Sorry to hear what has happened. I'm not seeing any pics. (but that's probably the fault of my computer).
    Could she have had an attack by a predator? Clean the area thoroughly and look for bite marks. She may need antibiotics if there are. Try hand feeding and syringing water very slowly into her if she won't drink.
    Have you got an incubator? If so transfer any remaining eggs. Her chicks will need heat. I keep chicks in a rat cage by the side of my old Aga stove, but a heat bulb suspended above the chicks will be fine.(Temp needed 95F for the first week, 90F for the second, 85F for the third etc....no heat after 6 weeks. Chicks will take chick crumb and water without mum around.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hello Kelsie
     sorry to hear your sad story
     im a bit confused as to who was hurt - the hen or the chick
    Sandies given you brilliant advice if it was the hen
    if it was the chick then possibly the hen has rejected it and tossed it out . i had this happen last year
     no need to worry about food for today but try to get it to take some water with honey in it to give it a boost - the easiest way is to put some on a spoon and just dribble it onto their beak or put it so their beak is on the spoon - itll soon get the hang of it
     tomorrow try egg yolk - raw-and the next day the yolk of a hard boiled egg  other food can be added after the first week but make sure its in small pieces so easier to digest . make sure to keep its bottom clean
    good luck , hope it survives
     x kath
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