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How to defeat mouse in th chicken house?

Hello, it is possible to use some of this mouse traps in the chicken house?
If yes, so which one better to use?
If no, what can do with this?
With regards - John!


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     i wouldnt risk ordinary traps incase the chickens tread on them or peck them
    the live trap ones are safebut are you prepared to deal with a live mouse once youve caught it
    the only other thing i can suggest is that you make a box for the trap to sit in with a small hole for the mouse to get it - make sure theres enough head room though as the trap needs space when it springs .
    good luck
  • edited December 2018
    Well, using of mouse traps is fast and effective and it could also be dangerous for the chickens. So, there are many conventional methods are present that can help you to get rid of mice. But, one of the best ways to get rid of mice is to hire a professional exterminators Suffolk County NY who will not completely eliminate the possibility of a rat infestation, but will make your home less suitable for them to arrive.
  • I'd say the live trap ones are better, but I am sure you are looking to completely get rid of them so I suggest the fastest killing options or if, like Undautri said, you can handle getting them out of their traps and risk possible reappearance then the live trap sounds good.

    Good luck with whatever you choose, and please post an update if you can.
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